Saturday, February 21, 2009

closing time

fellow readers/ admirers/friends- i know you're in the 5's to 10's of people but i'm shutting down my blog and starting another one. It'll be focused in a different direction. It won't be about LA just more about short videos, music and some clothes I like. I hope you enjoyed my full fledged blog of 8 posts. let's stay friends.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

i'm starting a band

Thursday, October 23, 2008

que genial

Sorry I haven't been posting! but I couldn't be more obsessed with my ring flash. I bought it for a holga for 60 bucks but it works on any camera w a hot shoe. It came with red, neon yellow and blue filters and is amazing. I lit some flowers in my backyard and they came out insane.

I went to the LACMA again to shoot with my friend Olga (and now we're going back on sunday bc there's an opening of a Vanity Fair Gallery: portraits from 1913 to 2008). 

I found out there's this whole side of the museum I never knew about so it was like going for the first time again. 

They had like a thousand tiny hand-carved wooden sculptures. This one was my favorite.

We walked through these giant rusted looking metal structures that I had seen in Bilbao last summer. (photothanks to Olga for taking shots of our entire walk through this and the museum).

Here are a couple more pictures w my ring flash.

One of my roommates had to go back to France to get her visa stamped and she brought me back amazing chocol├ąte that I literally inhaled. Graham crackers and white marshmellows.. c'mon... the bar was the size of my arm.

I went to a corn maize w Olga and we straight up got super lost. If it wasn't for her mad navigation skills we would have been gone for hours. The last and only other time I've been to one was in Las Cruces and the corn was as tall as my hips.. so this one was a little different.

Tonight I'm going to a Dress Right party downtown. I've never been but it's fashion, music, gifts, shopping annd complimentary drinks. Should be fun.

Here's some willy.

 I really like this song/video/adele

Last.. check out this well done and nicely edited music video from the always talented Caitlin Diaz!

Stay tuned.


Monday, September 8, 2008


I haven't been taking that many pictures lately although I would but I broke the same camera twice now... canons & their lens errors. I'm settled in my new house and into my new job with a production company.. just a directors assistant but fun boss.  I went to Vegas to work Project Trade Show and it was so dope. I went as a merchant for Jameric distributors and got to see new collections from diesel, modern amusement to vivienne westwood. It was a fun week except when we left the car broke down an hour outside vegas and we had to wait about seven hours to get towed three hours to pay sixtyhundred&fiftythree dollars.. it was an event. 

I've been catching up on my blogging/ers now that I have the www. Thank you neon coyote for delivering yet another set of blissful music.. i am forever indebted, Brooklyn here I come. 

CSS has a new music video for move. If you haven't seen it already: 

Look at this commercial for paco rabbane: everything is a snap away.

I bought my ticket for hard's haunted mansion: crystal castles, justice, boys noize!: for halloween. I can't wait.. I don't know what I'm going to dress up as but it'll involve a connoisseur stache for sure. I've always wanted to be an older peter pan. 

ears tuned and eyes peeled, more to come soon.


Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I'm done w college. Yup and yes.  I turned in my last assignment on friday. I don't move into my house until september first so I'm kind of floating around here and there.. my life's in a car but it'll work.  I feel if I glue everything to the outside of it I'll be able to find things faster.
I went to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art this past week and it was so fasho. We didn't know if we could take pictures inside but I got some shots.
There was a huge configuration right above you when you walked into the first lobby. My shutter speed was effd.
Doesn't this look Christian Siriano'esc?
This 17th century painting is insane. It looks just like a cartoon.

There's no other way to say this so I'm just going to post the picture: a man appeared on my tortilla and all I did was crisp it on top of the stove. I was just trying to have a snack.. it wigged me out so I went to Chinatown.

Ryan and self-proclaimed Professor Habeebs:
(this is what happens when strangers talk to you and you talk back edition)


These three men were completely into this game.

Every summer a film company called Cinespia screens old school movies at the Forever Hollywood Cemetery. My old boss told me about it.. it's on the weekends and headed out the first Sunday we could. We watched Valley Girl, it's super 80's and I loved it. You hang out in this open area and people bring blankets, wine, cheese, candles, trees and pillows all while chillen next to dead peeps in the ground. It's probably one the coolest things I've done here.


The hotel was awesome. these were mirrors on our ceiling.

a wall.

a buddha nightlite.

an azn woman: just in case we needed anything. at any time. 

a holographic walled elevator.

We were only there for a weekend but we got to see a bunch of stuff.

wooden sailboats.

The world's most crooked street.

Union Square.

My roommate from Barcelona was going to be in SF the same weekend I was. We met up and had a couple drinks. 

 I went to The Standard hotel again but this time at night.

Stay tuned.